What we do

Our brands and business segments

Our brands

With our numerous brands and a portfolio of more than 10,000 products, we cater to the most diverse needs of our customers.


The Fuchs brand, with its widely varied assortment of spices and spice specialities, offers passionate hobby cooks every imaginable taste nuance to allow them to turn their own ideas into reality in the kitchen – entirely in accordance with the Fuchs motto: “It’s your recipe!”



The Ostmann brand has been an ever-present practical helper in everyday cooking and living for many decades: “So your meals will never be boring”. The assorted range of spices, herbs, salts, baking flavourings, spice blends and sauces helps in the quick, uncomplicated preparation of dishes.


Bio Wagner

Products with the Bio Wagner (Organic Wagner) brand name are the produce of ecological farming, and include numerous herbs, spices, spice mixes and sandwich spreads.



The product range with the Wagner brand name includes herbs, spices and spice mixtures, together with a wide spectrum of dried mushroom varieties and particular specialties.



The Escoffier brand’s soups, stocks and sauces are aimed at connoisseurs. Traditional recipes are given a modern interpretation and supplemented with a young range of organic products.



Under the Kattus brand name, we offer Mediterranean delicatessen specialities including olives, antipasti, pasta and sauces as well as various pestos and dips.



The Fuego brand represents the Mexican zest for life with fiery relish. The range includes tortillas & fillings, dinner kits and a large selection of snack articles such as crisps and dips.


Bamboo Garden

The core of Bamboo Garden’s range of Asian specialities comprises sauces, pastes, pasta products and coconut milk products. It is augmented with an assortment of specialities from the national cuisines of Thailand, India and Japan, together with an independent selection of organic products.


Fuchs Professional

Fuchs Professional is aimed at clients in the hotel, restaurant and catering industries. The range of products includes high-quality spices and seasonings, herbs, liquid spice preparations and other applications-oriented solutions.


Ubena has been an innovative, highly valued partner of the hospitality industry for decades. Herbs, spices and seasonings, salts and relishes, as well as special blends, e.g. rubs, are produced in the very best quality and without any additives requiring labelling declarations.


Wendland Spice & Food

Under the Wendland Spice & Food brand we offer a large number of highly individual products, in particular sauces, pastes, marinades, dressings and spice mixtures. 


Our business segments

The Fuchs Gruppe offers spices, culinary trends and food technology to serve a wide range of target groups and requirements in the food trade and the food industry.

Spices and delicacies for retail

Fuchs Gruppe Retail

With our spice brands like Fuchs and Ostmann, we are leading the market, setting culinary trends and are a reliable partner to the German food retail industry. Our customers trust in the uncompromised product quality and value the transparency towards end consumers. The Fuchs Group actively influences the quality and flavour of the products across the entire value chain, from raw goods to finished products.

As a trustworthy partner in the private label sector, we meet the great demand for convenience products like spices, herbs, spice and herbal blends, soups, sauces and casseroles, while offering our customers a wide range of packaging options.

Spices and food technology for the industrial sector

Fuchs Gruppe Industry

We support our industrial customers in Germany, the USA, France, Brazil and China with innovative technologies and tailor-made solutions in uncompromising quality.

The appropriate application of spices and compounds in dry, liquid or paste form provides significant advantages to the food industry in manufacturing its products.

We apply our expertise on core markets and consumers to support our global partners on their path to success. Our customers gain decisive advantages in the production process and the best possible product safety.

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The company

With our strong German roots and driven by pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial vision, the Fuchs company set out on a journey more than 60 years ago to become one of the world’s biggest spice suppliers.


Corporate strategy

Home is our company headquarters in Dissen (Germany), since its founding there in 1952. From here we develop and manage the Fuchs Group strategy and apply it to various target markets.


Company history

Some people appear to be born with an exceptional entrepreneurial vision and discover their business expertise at an early age. But only a few live their lives full of curiosity and have the courage to put unconventional ideas into practice.