About us

Fuchs Group

The Fuchs Group is the largest European spice manufacturer and the leading privately owned global spice company. Founded in 1952 by Dieter Fuchs, today the Fuchs Group supplies the food trade and the food industry with a wide range of spices, delicatessen products and innovative food technology. With their bold and flexible approach, the Fuchs Group caters to culinary trends and shapes the world of good taste.

From raw goods to end product

As an internationally operating family enterprise, we firmly believe that the responsible and sustainable management of resources is our special obligation. From seed to kitchen: we actively influence the quality and taste of our products during the whole production process.


Executive Management Board

With the Executive Management Board under the chairmanship of Nils Meyer-Pries, the Fuchs Group is excellently prepared to meet future challenges in the market.


Facts and figures

Every day, 3,200 employees worldwide work in nine countries on four continents to continuously provide our customers and partners with expertise and superior quality.


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The company

With our strong German roots and driven by pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial vision, the Fuchs company set out on a journey more than 60 years ago to become one of the world’s biggest spice suppliers.


Corporate strategy

Home is our company headquarters in Dissen (Germany), since its founding there in 1952. From here we develop and manage the Fuchs Group strategy and apply it to various target markets.


Company history

Some people appear to be born with an exceptional entrepreneurial vision and discover their business expertise at an early age. But only a few live their lives full of curiosity and have the courage to put unconventional ideas into practice.